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Services for Engineers and Environmental Consultants

The following are just a small sampling of the services we provide for those in the engineering and evironmental fields:

Monitoring Well Location and Mapping

Effectively utilizing monitoring well data requires accurate well elevations and locations. We have several available location technologies to pick from to come up with a solution that meets your precision requirements without busting your project budget. If you are currently using your own technicians to measure well elevation, try giving us a call for a project quote. We have the experience and know-how to quickly and accurately locate wells, on the correct datum, and often for less than it would cost to send out your own personnel.

Topographic Surveys

Whatever the terrain, site size, or detail level, we will find a solution that works for you. For larger sites, we can work with photogrammetry companies to map your site using aerial photographs.

Monitoring of Structures

Using a high-accuracy autolevel, we can monitor structures and ground elevations for deformation. We also have the ability to monitor walls and buildings for movement over time. For inaccessable points, a combination of fixed targets or prisms and reflectorless measurements can be used.

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