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Services for Design Professionals

Maloney Geospatial offers a wide range of solutions to keep your project on task and within budget.

Topographic/Existing Conditions Surveys

We utilize a Trimble robotic total station, a surveying instrument that allows single-person operation. This means we can perform site surveys with greater detail and accuracy and with lower costs compared to a two-person crew with a conventional instrument. Our equipment is also capable of direct measurement of objects without using a prism- meaning we can quickly obtain accurate roof elevations and detail roofs, facades, and other features that aren't easily accessible.

Certified Plot Plans

Boston area towns are updating their zoning regulations all the time, and they certainly aren't becoming simpler. We are well versed in the local requirements, including the more complex average roof height and average street setback reporting requirements. We will work with you from start to finish to help you design for and meet zoning requirements.

Condominium Plans

Condominium conversions have recently become very popular in the inner suburbs of Boston. With our central location here in Cambridge, we are able to spend more time on research and fieldwork for your project and less time sitting in traffic, giving you a superior product at a lower cost. We can prepare site plans to combine with your own interior plans, or we can create our own interior plans using our Leica laser distance measuring device.

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